If "Sorry" Can Mend Everything - Not Finished Yet

Monday, 7 January, 2008

4:11 PM

Ever since I was small until present, mother always remind me to say sorry whenever I made mistake, apologize when we hurt a person’s feeling, shakes hand and bow our head. But do I truly understand the reason for saying “I’m sorry”? Not really. Whenever I accidently bump into someone and step on his or her feet with my 3 inch heels or when I accidently use other people’s pen, the sentence “I’m sorry” came out instantly without me thinking about it at first. It seems to me that I don’t need reason or thinking through about it in order to say sorry. Saying sorry is admitting that I’m wrong and I am to be blame for the mistake, lowering myself in order to make peace with the other person. Saying “I’m sorry” is more than just merely said it. It requires sincerity, understanding and acceptance. Sincerely opened your heart and mind, try to understand the mistake you make, the suffering that the people you once hurt felt, and then accept the fact that you have to change or you will remain the same jerk. After that, you will understand the true meaning about being sorry. Don’t just simply said it but later on you still walking in the same line of faults.

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