If "Sorry" Can Mend Everything - Not Finished Yet

Monday, 7 January, 2008

4:11 PM

Ever since I was small until present, mother always remind me to say sorry whenever I made mistake, apologize when we hurt a person’s feeling, shakes hand and bow our head. But do I truly understand the reason for saying “I’m sorry”? Not really. Whenever I accidently bump into someone and step on his or her feet with my 3 inch heels or when I accidently use other people’s pen, the sentence “I’m sorry” came out instantly without me thinking about it at first. It seems to me that I don’t need reason or thinking through about it in order to say sorry. Saying sorry is admitting that I’m wrong and I am to be blame for the mistake, lowering myself in order to make peace with the other person. Saying “I’m sorry” is more than just merely said it. It requires sincerity, understanding and acceptance. Sincerely opened your heart and mind, try to understand the mistake you make, the suffering that the people you once hurt felt, and then accept the fact that you have to change or you will remain the same jerk. After that, you will understand the true meaning about being sorry. Don’t just simply said it but later on you still walking in the same line of faults.

Awal Muharram..

Thursday, 10 January, 2008

5:54 AM

This morning, everything is different. The air, the smell, the taste…all different. Welcome to a new year and may this new year bring tons of happiness, health and great success. I've several new year resolutions and I really hope that I can achieved it within this year.

My new year resolutions are;

  1. Finish my academic exercise
  2. Graduate together with my friends this semester.
  3. Lose weight (get back in shape)
  4. Have my own saving (around RM1000)
  5. Learn to control and reduce my temper
  6. Write a novel (either Malay or English)

If I manage to get all this resolution done within this year, I will go on a trip to Langkawi Island with few of my best pals (Balqiz). May this year bring lots of luck and joy for all of us. May Allah bless be with us in every steps we take towards victory.

SU Again..!

Tuesday, 8 January, 2008

6:45 PM

For the course Professional Development, we were required to conduct a seminar. We had our first meeting today to elect the committee members. I was elected as the secretary again. The previous semester had watched how I was rushed here and there with paper works, letters and other materials. This semester, me again, holding the very same title, Miss Sec.