Awal Muharram..

Thursday, 10 January, 2008

5:54 AM

This morning, everything is different. The air, the smell, the taste…all different. Welcome to a new year and may this new year bring tons of happiness, health and great success. I've several new year resolutions and I really hope that I can achieved it within this year.

My new year resolutions are;

  1. Finish my academic exercise
  2. Graduate together with my friends this semester.
  3. Lose weight (get back in shape)
  4. Have my own saving (around RM1000)
  5. Learn to control and reduce my temper
  6. Write a novel (either Malay or English)

If I manage to get all this resolution done within this year, I will go on a trip to Langkawi Island with few of my best pals (Balqiz). May this year bring lots of luck and joy for all of us. May Allah bless be with us in every steps we take towards victory.

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